Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weight loss that works

June already and the New Year’s resolution of losing weight has still not started. What would be a good day to start that diet? Six months ago we made a pact with ourselves and body that we would do better and now look at us. We are now into bathing suit season and the goal of being able to fit into last year’s suit is slowly becoming a nightmare as we look into the mirror and read the scale. But there is an answer and it’s not what you may be thinking. You do not need to stop eating for the next 2-3 months in order to catch the last bit of the summer vacation. There is a better way and we have that here for you.

What if I said in 28 days I could have you lose ten pounds? This is no super weight loss and not something that jumps out at us but it is a realistic goal and something we can help you accomplish. Do you like eating ethnic foods? How about foods from the Mediterranean area? Places such as Turkey, Italy, and the near east nations. Still not convinced? Come watch our online diet plan preview and watch us cooking with ABC’s Michelle Charlsworth. Not only do we have our diet plans and recipes on our site, we also have testimonials from doctors and physicians. We are you number one supplier of the Mediterranean Diet as well as the foods and recipes to go with it.

The fast pace world we live in demands us to be fast and efficient at all we do that is even true of our eating times and places. So we have made it simple for you with the addition of showing how long total it should take to prepare then cook an entrĂ©e. We know how important your time is so we want what is best for you. Come see and compare us to other popular diets out there such as the South Beach diet. This diet is not the fad that most are and it’s not a diet that others can shoot holes in and find where nutritional values are lacking. We have even set up a food pyramid so we can take the guess work out of what you do and do not want to eat. So before you give up on that bathing suit or think, "oh well, we always have next year for the diet," please give us a chance to help you shed the pounds in just 28 days!